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Hangar Hotel sign, Fredericksburg, TX

South Pacific? Naw, just south(ish) Texas.

We now return to the Hill Country: I don’t remember now where I found out about this place, but who could resist? Not my group of foodie friends, that’s for sure! So off we went to the Airport Diner.

Airport Diner, Fredericksburg, TX

Airport Diner, Fredericksburg, TX

When they say “airport” they mean it—we had a view of the runway right outside our window. Yes, city folks, I said “runway” in the singular sense. It’s a small airport. We watched people land and take off in their small planes (and one helicopter) before/after their diner lunch.

The inside is a loving reproduction of a railway diner and it’s all gleaming and gorgeous. The food was . . . fine. Chicken fried steak was quite good but the sides were forgettable. Cherry cobbler had an excellent pastry-to-fruit ratio, but the fruit was obviously pie filling from a can. But what the heck. The food is only part of the experience, I guess. Besides, I rather like cherry pie filling from a can.

Next door to the diner is the Hangar Hotel, a plush place that looks like the setting for an Agatha Christie mystery.
Old car outside the Hangar Hotel

OK, so it’s only plush on the inside…and we were busy chatting with the manager and didn’t get any pictures so you’ll have to trust me on this one. They have a party space that just cries out for a Dallas Symphony Chorus party complete with big band orchestra. (Of course, we’d all want to sing with the big band, but that might could be arranged…any DSC-ers out there up for that?)

Alas, all too soon it was time to head home. But not without stopping at Grape Creek Winery…
Grape Creek Vineyard, Fredericksburg, TX

And one of my faves, Becker Vineyards, which is especially pretty when the lavender is blooming. I bought a lavender plant there in the spring and it’s doing nicely, thank you! Alas, lavender season is long over, so we could only buy lavender soap, spray, and wine. (Not lavender wine.)

We even got to try their amazing “Raven” malbec/petit verdot blend (sold out now, too bad for you!) and yes, there are a couple of bottles in the box…

Vikki & Rosemary with our haul from Becker

Looks like it's time we headed home, don't you think?

By this time the trunk was full and time was a-wasting, so there was nothing for it but to head home. So that’s what we did.


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