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Backsplash Redo

After surviving performances in seventeen (17!) Christmas concert events of one kind or another, I had to nap…but after a few days I crawled out and decided it was time to deal with my outdated kitchen backsplash. Here it was:ImageVery late 80’s/early 90’s, no? Ah, hunter green. I loved you then. But that was so very then.

Someday I’ll change several things about my kitchen, not least those horrid orange cabinets, the countertops, and of course, the boring tile backsplash. But until that day comes, I decided ditching the green would be a happy interim solution. What’s the worst that could happen? It could look atrocious and then I’d have to chip out that section of tile and replace it with mosaic or something. I figured that was worth a $6 gamble (cost of paint & brushes). And indeed it was. Here’s the after: ImageThat’s Martha Stewart’s multi-surface paint in Tartan Red. I cleaned the tiles, wiped them down with alcohol, then taped and painted. I found the best method was to get paint on the tile with a small foam brush, then run over it with a foam roller to smooth it out. Once dry I applied a coat of sealer and there you go. My Williamsburg pub sign is attached with those Contact adhesive strips, everything goes better with the new color, and I’m a happy camper.ImageWill it hold up to heavy cooking & cleaning? We’ll see. If not, well, that will be an excuse to do a little tiling.

Next project: writing down everyone’s phone number–you know, the old fashioned way, with pen and paper–just in case I lose my phone and want to talk to anyone ever again. What’s next on your project list?


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I redid my bathroom. Now, only in my dreams can I do the kind of damage I’m watching on Bath Crashers as I type. This was a more cosmetic redo with a budget of about $200 and the help of my fearless travel buddies, Vikki & Rosemary. Here’s a before shot:

bathroom counter

Before. Note the annoying counter clutter.

I didn’t manage to get a shot of these, but my faucet handles were this awful combo of “silver” and brass to match(?) the brass shower surround.
shower stall

The hall tree used to live in the closet but it fit so nicely there....

So I found this fancy new product made for appliances that’s supposed to turn them into stainless steel. It’s a multi-step, slow, stinky process. Does it work? Wait for it.

First, there’s that counter clutter to deal with. I’ve said for years that what bathrooms need are appliance garages, someplace you can stuff everything without having to unplug it. So I decided to build one. Marc, the nice man at my local Lowe’s, spent hours (literally!) showing me how to build the thing and cutting the boards I needed. (Sadly, Lowe’s did not sponsor this post.) Then Vikki screwed the cabinet together….cabinet build and I built the door

cabinet door in progress

A work in progress

I ended up with this:
completed cabinet


Here’s a peek at the inside.cabinet inside If you look hard you can see that the cabinet has no back and it’s built around the plug. Add that to the nifty holder that corrals 2 curling irons and my hairdryer, and everything is beautifully contained. I plan to add frames around the mirror on both sides of the cabinet later. Hopefully I’ll be able to change that ugly light fixture, too. Meanwhile, the nasty orange original cabinets are now a lovely chocolate brown that matches the newly painted water closet.
peek in the wc

It used to be (yawn) white.

The stencil is the same as on the cabinet door, only here it’s a shimmery blue to match the main room walls.

Meanwhile, Rosemary worked very hard on the hall tree…

hall tree in progress

Artist at work.

which turned out like this:
finished shower & hall tree

See the silver?

The “stainless” finish is definitely better than the brass, but it does look painted. Since I’m generally not wearing my glasses in the shower, I can’t see the paint strokes so that doesn’t bother me a bit. I just thought you might want to know.

Someday I’ll figure out what to do with the corner windows, which offer a fabulous view of the backyard and the street. And, of course, offers my neighbors and anyone else going down the street a fabulous view of me in the shower. (Or it would, if I ever opened the blinds.) Here they are now.


It's just left of the hall tree, just right of the counter.

Any ideas?

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