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This is a story of the flowers I didn’t know I wanted. Being a research geek, I studied the varieties to be offered at the North Texas Master Gardeners plant sale. I chose one, went to a garden center to double-check my choice, thought about it a while and determined that yes, this was the variety of rose I wanted. I went to the sale with list in hand and my first priority was to buy the roses.

Only one problem: by the time I got in the sale, they were sold out. (I shivered in the cold for more than an hour to get in the door, you understand…and I got there early.)

One of the nice master gardeners working the sale suggested Cinco de Mayo roses instead. I whined a while then grudgingly agreed . . . and now I’m so glad I did.

Cinco de Mayo roses

How gorgeous is that?

They’re a beautiful color, sort of pinky-goldeny-apricoty-ish with a suggestion of lavender. The pictures don’t do them justice. They seem very happy in their new home, spreading out and blooming their little hearts out.
rose bush

They've more than doubled in size since I planted them

They’re the perfect color to go with the slightly weird pink brick of my house. (I didn’t choose the house for its color.) MUCH better than the roses I thought I wanted.

Which just goes to show that sometimes when you don’t get what you want, you end up with what you really wanted all along.

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When we moved into this house, my mother said, “What’s that vine thing on the fence? Do you think it’s dead?” To which I replied, “I don’t know. It does look dead. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.” At the time, it just covered one fence post and a foot or so on each side. Now?

View of trumpet vine stretching across back fence

It's grown a bit.

It has to be pruned every week or so in the growing season, which is always interesting as it’s taller than me . . . and it buzzes.Up close view of vine Hummingbirds, bees, wasps, you name it. There’s a low hum coming from the vine at all times. I’ve never been stung while pruning, though I did accidentally give a nesting dove a shock and a picture window. (Oops.)

There’s no telling what all lives in there–I try not to think about it, really–but it does hold up the fence while helping block the view from my neighbor’s driveway into my garden.

Isn’t the color fabulous? It was the inspiration for my living room walls.

one flower

A picture doesn't really do it justice

I originally thought of painting the patio this color, but tossed the paint chip on my sofa and thought, “Hey, that looks great…and look, it goes with…and with…” So now my living room is trumpet vine-colored.

It’s a pain, in some ways–it wants to take over the fence, the yard, the alley, the neighbors’ yards, the world–but the sight of all those happy blooms makes up for it. So, trumpet away, happy vine, at least until our next date with the clippers. flowers on the fence

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Yes, I just put the words “chocolate” and “flower” together and it was neither a mistake nor an edible creation I whipped up in the kitchen. When I saw this packet of seeds at Wildseed Farms it was a no-brainer. I mean, hello.
chocolate flowers This is their second year (they reseed) and they’re still slightly mind-boggling.
They’re not the most beautiful things in the world–a little sloppy, maybe?–but first thing in the morning the smell of chocolate is intense. Not chocolate like Hershey’s, chocolate like cocoa powder. Dutch process cocoa powder, at that. Yum.

And I do like the way they look next to my birdbath:

birdbath & chocolate flowers

Blue & yellow--such a happy color combination

Better Homes & Gardens has a whole slideshow of chocolate plants of one kind or another. I already have two of them–my hot cocoa roses will be featured on a future Friday. BH&G claims chocolate flowers get to be 8 inches tall, but mine are easily three times that high. I’m thinking of adding some cute little trellis-y thing, maybe one of the Eiffel Tower variety, to keep them off their neighbors.

Of course, I’m also thinking of where I could put an entire chocolate garden, but that’s another story. Happy Friday!

P.S. Links provided for your convenience, not a sponsored post.

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