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They say good fences make good neighbors. Personally, I have a crummy fence and great neighbors, but since my fence doesn’t touch their property it’s probably irrelevant. But I digress… What I really want to point out is that a good fence also makes a great backdrop for flowers. Virginia seems to be full of fabulous fences with equally fabulous flowers…

fence w/black-eyed susans

I'm so recreating this in my backyard.

Here’s the view from the other side:
Cabin & fence view

We spent the night here; more about that later.

This classic combo was at our timeshare. White picket fence It makes a lovely corner to tuck in these especially gorgeous daylilies:

I don't have any this color in my yard. Yet.

And look at this sweet little fence-let:
wee woven wood fence

In case you were wondering what to do with your leftover skinny branches...

Then again, sometimes a fence doesn’t even need flowers to look good:
Yorktown fence

Found this one at Yorktown Victory Center

Biltmore fence

This one is in NC at Biltmore (it might be a railing, but that's fence-ish)

Good fences, every one. (Unless that last one is a railing, I really don’t remember…but whatever it is, it’s gorgeous!)

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I realize I haven’t exactly been chatty lately, but right after returning from vacation I got sick. Sneezing, whimpering, coughing up a lung sick. I’m on multiple medications now and improving rapidly, but I decided to send myself virtual flowers. Since money is no object, I picked these: floral arrangement I saw them on our last day of vacation, at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville. I love the eye popping combination of orange, blue, red, and green. Which, now I think about it, is the color scheme of my back yard garden.

Enjoy the flowers; I have to go take assorted meds now. Happy Friday!

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Flower Friday

I know, I owe you dinner–or a description of dinner, complete with info on how you can get it, too. But I’ve decided that on Fridays I should say it with flowers. Lavender pot These live at the edge of my patio. The one in front is lavender–I bought it at Lavender Ridge Farm on my Memorial Day adventure. My track record with lavender is not very good, so I thought I’d better show it off while it’s still alive.

And yes, my patio walls really are that frightening color. If you think that’s bright, you should have seen it the morning after we painted it. See, it was dark when we got done so we couldn’t really appreciate the, um, depth of color. The next morning I got up, opened the blinds, and dang near went blind. It was school bus yellow at the time and the glare off the morning sun…ouch. I’ve toned it down since, believe it or not. I’m thinking of going a little paler when I get the house painted–I must be mellowing–but the jury’s still out on that.

So that’s all, really. Thought I’d share some of my favorite flowers. Happy Friday!

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When we arrived at our happy home for the week, we were greeted with one of these:


Ours was in our room, but this is a better pic

We were charmed. And when we read about the group that assembled our bucket, we were charmed even more. They’re created by a group called Cape Abilities, a Cape Cod non-profit organization that provides jobs, homes and other services for people with disabilities. The name comes from their belief that “each person has abilities, not disabilities.” How lovely is that?

Next we read that Cape Abilities has a farm where 80 people with disabilities work in all aspects of farm management. And the farm has a nursery kind of place where one can shop. So, of course, we went for a visit:

Cape Abilities Farm

Cape Abilities Farm

Charming, yes? I particularly like this spot to sit and watch your garden grow:

Chair in garden

Sometimes I sits and thinks...

And they had such lovely flowers:
garden cart at Cape Abilities farm

pink flowers


But that’s not all! They grow tomatoes–hydroponically, yet.
About our tomatoes sign

greenhouse tomatoes

Almost ripe!

And use bees to pollinate their crops:
about our bees

But that’s not all–you can adopt a bee or even a garden patch!

They also stock a mighty fine line of breads (we bought a loaf so I know this to be a fact) and some other things that shall remain nameless because I bought them as Christmas gifts for people who sometimes read this blog. It was a delightful place filled with delightful people and while—unlike my travel companions—I am not a special ed teacher, I enjoyed it very, very much. If you’re on the Cape, check them out! If not, consider adopting a bee or a garden patch. It’s a good cause, well done.

wheelbarrow of flowers

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