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Backsplash Redo

After surviving performances in seventeen (17!) Christmas concert events of one kind or another, I had to nap…but after a few days I crawled out and decided it was time to deal with my outdated kitchen backsplash. Here it was:ImageVery late 80’s/early 90’s, no? Ah, hunter green. I loved you then. But that was so very then.

Someday I’ll change several things about my kitchen, not least those horrid orange cabinets, the countertops, and of course, the boring tile backsplash. But until that day comes, I decided ditching the green would be a happy interim solution. What’s the worst that could happen? It could look atrocious and then I’d have to chip out that section of tile and replace it with mosaic or something. I figured that was worth a $6 gamble (cost of paint & brushes). And indeed it was. Here’s the after: ImageThat’s Martha Stewart’s multi-surface paint in Tartan Red. I cleaned the tiles, wiped them down with alcohol, then taped and painted. I found the best method was to get paint on the tile with a small foam brush, then run over it with a foam roller to smooth it out. Once dry I applied a coat of sealer and there you go. My Williamsburg pub sign is attached with those Contact adhesive strips, everything goes better with the new color, and I’m a happy camper.ImageWill it hold up to heavy cooking & cleaning? We’ll see. If not, well, that will be an excuse to do a little tiling.

Next project: writing down everyone’s phone number–you know, the old fashioned way, with pen and paper–just in case I lose my phone and want to talk to anyone ever again. What’s next on your project list?


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I like to cook—but if I had been born 200 years ago I’m not sure that would have been the case. Can you imagine trying to whip up that Church Lady Cake in one of these?

Great Hopes Plantation Kitchen

Picturesque, but...

It really takes “slaving over a hot stove” to a whole new level:
Colonial cook

It was 95 degrees that day. Note the "spice rack" on the right.

Of course, if you served under General Washington, your stove would look more like this:
Yorktown kitchen

Cooking at Yorktown

Mind you, to get to this new land, you’d have had to cross the ocean (which took weeks and weeks and….) in a wee little boat cooking in a wee little kitchen.

Below deck on the Susan Constant in Jamestown.

Once in your new settlement (in swampy, bug-infested, hotter than England ever though of being) Jamestown it’d be best to do the baking outside.
Jamestown baker
If you were lucky enough to work for President Jefferson at Monticello (we’re bouncing through time a bit here, try not to get dizzy), then you’d have an industrial model stove.
Monticello stove

Look, multiple burners!

Despite the lack of modern conveniences, cooks have always been a resourceful lot, so they managed to pull off dishes like this:
Governor's Palace kitchen Williamsburg

A feast fit for a royal governor. Kitchen at Williamsburg's Governor's Palace

Impressive, isn’t it? BTW, the cook at the Governor’s Palace told us all those “rising before dawn to start cooking breakfast” stories were malarkey—as she pointed out, “Have you ever tried to cook by candlelight?”

So the next time you find yourself standing in front of a microwave muttering, “Hurry UP, I haven’t got all minute!” take just a moment to appreciate the comforts and conveniences twenty-first century has to offer. Happy cooking!

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