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It was our last night on Cape Cod and we wanted our farewell dinner to be a special one. We searched the various publications we’d picked up, looking for a seafood place that might meet our exacting standards. Lobster . . . it had to be lobster. And good lobster at that. We stumbled upon Anthony’s Commaquid Inn and decided it would be perfect—assuming it was open. A phone call confirmed that it was, and we set off for our dining adventure.

Everything on the Cape is ridiculously close by Texas standards, so even allowing for primping we arrived at our destination 15 minutes after the phone call. Driving up, we thought two things: 1) it looked mighty fancy for our jeans-clad selves and 2) it didn’t look like anyone was there.

When we strode through the front door, the hostess greeted us with a cheery, “I just talked to you on the phone, didn’t I?” We agreed, and were shown to our seats. We scored a table at the window with an amazing view of Cape Cod Bay…

our table at Anthony's Cummaquid Inn

Our table

…which was not as impressive as it sounds, considering the only other customers were an elderly couple who had already reached the dessert course.

view of empty restaurant

Where is everybody?

“Where were all the people?” we wondered. The manager calmed our fears by telling us this was their first week open for the season, and reminding us the Celtics-Lakers final game was that night. Everyone else on the Cape was in front of a TV.

That explained everything, so we settled in to enjoy the view and the undivided attention of the restaurant staff.



They had—oh joy—lobster as their special. Stuffed lobster, in fact, and it sounded so good even Rosemary, our lobster purist, ordered it. But first, we got these lovely popovers:


That's my salad, it was time for a veggie

The other two had lobster bisque:
Lobster bisque

Then the main course arrived.

Baked Stuffed Lobster a la Hawthorne

Baked Stuffed Lobster a la Hawthorne aka heaven on a plate

And we were happy.

Note to servers-in-training: when taking a pic of patrons, please tactfully mention that one’s hair is doing stupid things and might should be fixed prior to immortalizing on film.

It was amazing. This, imho, is how lobster should taste. It was the perfect final dinner for our fabulous vacation. Please visit this restaurant—I want them to still be in business when I return to the Cape.

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Today—I’m not making this up, it was on the calendar in our Cape Cod Guide—is National Lobster Day. We couldn’t let such an important holiday go by, so we celebrated appropriately. But first…

When we dragged ourselves out of bed this morning it was a beautiful, sunny day. The first of its kind on this trip, as the rest have been grey and gloomy. So we decided to go to the tip of the Cape and visit Provincetown, or as the locals call it, “P-Town”.

Along the way we stopped for a view of the salt pond, which doubles as a shellfish nursery:
Salt Pond, Eastham, MA

It’s just up the road from the Nauset Light, a fact that would escape us for about 9 hours. Did I mention Rosemary was driving? And yet, we all survived intact. Anyhow, we eventually achieved Provincetown and spotted the Wood End Light. (The lighthouses are all called “lights” rather than “lighthouses”; I don’t know why.)
Rosemary pointing out the Wood End Light

It’s called Wood End (we learned) because it stands where the woods used to end before deforestation mania took hold and nearly took the Cape with it.

Next we visited this charming shop
Hammock shop

…where I bought one of these to replace my defunct backyard swing. SO comfortable! SO happy! SO glad Southwest Airlines allows 2 checked bags for free!

swing chair

Not me or my chair, but close enough

We strolled through the town. Provincetown is one of those locales where alternative lifestyles are not so alternative, but it’s not high season yet so we missed the big drag queen parade (thank goodness, I just hate it when a guy in a dress is prettier than me!) and various similar activities. It was mostly traditional family groups today.

We got our picture took:
Susan, Rosemary, Vikki on the pier

Visited the library, which has a boat inside it—and we’re not talking the kind in a bottle!
Rose Dorothea inside Provincetown, MA library

And of course, ate lobster.
Governer Bradford patio sign

lobster alfredo

I went for lobster alfredo

Rosemary with lobster

My cohorts had broiled lobster w/garlic & onions

Vikki with lobster

Thou shalt not waste even a morsel

After all that, the memories get a little hazy. There was a trolley ride—excellent tour of the town & National Seashore, I recommend it! More shopping…I believe ice cream made an appearance somewhere along the way…and then we went hunting for more lighthouses. Which we found!

Cape Cod Light

Cape Cod lighthouse

Nauset Light

Nauset Light

And apparently, when a lighthouse’s services are no longer required, they’re sent to retire in a forest:

Three sisters lights

2 of the 3 Sisters lights

These three used to stand much closer—much, much closer—to the cliffs before they were replaced by the Nauset light and now hide in a clearing in the middle of the woods. Bless their hearts.

There’s more, but all that sunshine and walking and digesting and climbing hills and walking on rocks has taken its toll. My companions have already crashed (fully clothed and snoring ferociously, I might add) and it’s time I did, too. (I think I’ll change into my jammies first, though.)

See you tomorrow!

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Boston Fireman
After our healthy (ha!) breakfast our intrepid band set off to tackle the subway system. Which, eventually, we did. (Subway pics are boring, you don’t want to see those, do you? Good, because we didn’t take any.)

Our first destination was Walgreen’s, because somebody (not the author of this post) forgot to pack their prescriptions. They weren’t going to be ready for a while, so we decided to go downstairs for lunch (no exciting local cuisine, just basic food). We had just placed our order when the fire alarm sounded. Nobody moved…until the manager, sighing, assured us we really did need to leave.

So we moved outside, along with the Walgreens pharmacists, office types, and the waitstaff. And we waited. A man from the next table mourned, “I just put the first french fry in my mouth…” He got no sympathy from me—-he should’ve brought his plate with him! (I would have.) So we waited. And waited. And then this happened:

Don’t you just love a man in uniform?

Eventually the alarm went off, the firemen went off on another call, and we went back inside to eat. No extra charge for the show.

After lunch we moseyed (we’re Texans, we mosey well) to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Fabulous! No cameras allowed, which is unfortunate because the whole thing is built around an amazing courtyard filled with sculpture, a fountain, a Roman mosaic pavement, and exquisite plants and flowers. Everywhere we went, there were windows into the courtyard. Mrs. Gardner also collected autographs from people like Tchaikovsky, Brahms, and George Washington. Oh, and the art! Botticelli, Sargent, Rembrandt, and the like. Lovely!

One other thing of note: there were medieval choir loft seats with high arm rests. The seats folded up so the singers could stand resting their backs against the seat with their elbows on the arm rests. Hello, Meyerson Symphony Center? We the chorus would really appreciate these!

That took most of the day, so all we had time and energy for was to shop. I picked up a pair of dress Crocs for concerts! Seriously, they have black patent and little bows. SO cute!

Perfect for long concerts!

Then what with all that walking, lusting after courtyards, gazing at art, it was time for a little restorative. So we went back to our little dining spot of the night before and did this:

Oh yes, we did.

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