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Give Thanks

My mantle

I receive a rather fab magazine every month just for being a resident of McKinney. The most recent issue sported an ad for a cute little garland-esque sign to hang on one’s mantel.

(That’s “garland” as in draped Christmas decor, not “Garland” as in the Dallas-area city where much of my family and several friends live. Also known as “Land of Gar” but only in select circles.)

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, this sign. It said “Joy to the World” and was $20+. I took one look at that picture and thought, “I can make that.”

So I did.

As you’ll see from the image above, mine has a Thanksgiving rather than a Christmas message. My place is Thanksgiving Central this year and I thought it would add a nice touch. I crafted it during my monthly scrapbook session and then had to immediately make another one for Michelle, who hosts our little events.
Michelle's mantle

There’s nothing to it–you can absolutely do this. The squares are 5 inches wide by either 6 inches long (mine) or 5 inches long (Michelle’s–her paper was smaller but I think that turned out to be a good thing). The letters were cut using our new-to-us Cricut machine, but you could use stickers, stencils, or freehand if you’re brave. Add a little flair with stickers, punch holes on either side of each card, thread ribbon through the holes, and hang. Boom. Done! I used a little dark chalk to shadow the edges of each card, but that’s optional.

We thought about making more, but decided to flop on the sofa, eat brownies, and admire our handiwork instead. However, next time we meet these will definitely be on the agenda. We’re thinking of brightly-colored “Happy Birthday” banners. A Christmas banner (of course). “Welcome Spring” “He is Risen” “Happy 4th of July” . . . the possibilities are endless.

You know, you could whip up a few of these for Christmas gifts for very little money. They’re lightweight, store flat, and would fit in an envelope for mailing. Just a thought!


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